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31 Years Experience
The success of our drying system WendeWolf® is based on our experience in various R&D activities.
The system WendeWolf® was developed in the frame work of a research project with the University of Munich in the years 1992/93. A patent is registered under No. P 43 153 21.
Years of experience with running our own pilot plant has led to a continual improvement and updating of the system WendeWolf®.

Sewage Plant Köndringen
(Research Plant)

Research Plant
During the operation of this plant, built in 1992, we tested the principal possibilities to dry sewage sludge with solar energy in greenhouses, aiming to develop a practical, viable and useful system.
Sewage Plant Hammerstein
(Pilot Plant)

Pilot Plant
This pilot plant was almost 12 years continuously in service, financed and managed by us.
This unique experience guaranties our competence in this field.