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Meet with us on the IFAT / ENTSORGA 2018
The world leading exposition for environment and disposal comes closer: the IFAT / ENTSORGA 2018.

Visit us on our stand A1.124 and let you explain our technology. We advise you gladly. We probably have to offer an interesting solution for you.

Please note date:
May 14 - May 18, 2018, new Munich trade fair centre, hall A1, Stand 124

Our company has moved!
We have moved our headquarters. Since 1 February 2013 you will find us in Neuenburg am Rhein. That's about 25 km away from our old headquarters.

Our new contact details:

IST-Anlagenbau GmbH
Rheinweg 9
79395 Neuenburg am Rhein

Tel.: +49 7631 749898-0
Fax: +49 7631 749898-99

Five WendeWolf® to process 20 000 tons in the new WWTP of Managua, Nicaragua
The latest order came from Nicaragua for five machines. This is will be the largest solar drying plant of the Americas. The new WWTP of Managua will help to prevent Lake Managua from a biological collapse. The project is financed by the German Government and is constructed by Biwater International Ltd.
The daily output of the new plant will be up to 100 m³ dewatered sludge but the infrastructure for such waste does not exist in Nicaragua. Dried sludge however is easy to handle and can be used in agriculture whenever the field is ready to be planted. If necessary it can be put into landfill which is very difficult with  moist filter cake. Industrial dryers require a large amount of thermal energy, between 700 and 1000 kWh per ton of water evaporated. Solar sludge dryer achieve the same with 20-40 kWh or about 5% but they require a large area.  In the case of Managua the required ground area is about 8 000 m² or 0,4 m² per ton of filter cake. In the climate of Middle Europe this value is three times more or 1.2 m²/t . The technology was accepted by the consultant office, Fichtner International and the KfW Bank agreed to finance the extra cost, which amount to 2-3% of the total investment.
IST-Anlagenbau GmbH tendered successfully for this project and will ship  five WendeWolf® at the end of Nov. 09 to Managua. The commissioning is planned in the February/March 2010.
IST-Anlagenbau GmbH is also participating with AECOM, Winnipeg with a paper at the 2009 WEFTEC Orlando Florida (Session S062) where the same kind of project is presented for the Island of Trinidad Tobago.

WendeWolf Worldwide
In October 2009 solar Dryers Typ WendeWolf are part of the equipment in Waste Water Treatment plants in:
- Germany
- France
- Switzerland
- Austria
- Poland
- Hungary
- Turkey
- Australia
- Nicaragua

New Solar Drying Plant in Wetalla, Australia; September 2006
The Wetalla Water Reclamation Plant in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, treats 120,000 EP of residential and industrial wastewater per day. Both phosphorus and nitrogen are reduced by the process, which is a Variation on the Modified University of Cape Town BNR configuration. 54 tonnes (Mg) dry solids are processed each week, which undergoes thickening, aerobic digestion and belt filter pressing before being distributed between 3 solar drying halls. The dewatered cake being applied to each hall is about 13.5% dry solids (DS), or about 20,000 Mg/year, with the drying aim of achieving greater than 40% DS in winter and 60% DS in summer. This is achieved with a fully automated system of dewatered sludge in-loading, solar drying and dry sludge out-loading.  The solar drying plant is equipped with three WendeWolf® units from Germany,  each turning and transporting the sludge through a drying bed of 130 x 12 m with a total active surface of 4 230 m².
The specific evaporation rate is expected to reach more than 2,000 kg/m²year.